Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Western States quick and dirty

Pre-race, post-crime mug shot taken by Western States 100 Police Chief, Greg Soderlund. (I stole an extra packet of Green Foods dried wheat grass from the race expo tent, and was busted by Scottie J, who was working undercover.)

Quick and dirty:
I just flew home last night after a whirl-wind 6 day trip, part of which included running 78 miles of the WS 100 race. I spent Sunday evening through Tuesday finding a place to live in Vallejo or Benicia, and I am toasted. Sorry for the lack of correspondence.

In a nutshell, hats off to Hal Koerner and Anita Ortz for running smart races. I am especially impressed with Anita's race. For us entering our 40's, she is yet another piece of evidence that your running does not have to "go downhill". Here is Colorado there are ample numbers of master's elites winning races in running and biking. That said, given time to train next spring 2010, I will be back to run Western States.

Physically, I am worse for wear with a head and throat cold, but I have fine spirits about the entire experience. Much was out of my control as far as my condition starting the race, so what's the use in dwelling over it. I could have had it way worse; Scott was running with plantar fasciitis. Hats off to him for giving it a go.

Thanks to Mark Richtman for his remarkably patient pacing on Cal Street. He was a pleasure to hang with on that section as I stumbled ever step. Dan Brillon was a excellent travel companion and teammate; sorry you didn't get to pace the last 20. Devin, Tom, Christina, Dean and Otis were fine crew, and Vicki Richtman too. Peter Franks made the trip from Phoenix just to see the race and solo crew Dusty Corners and Duncan canyon. Thanks you guys!!

I will post a full report on the Team Pearl Izumi-Smith site this week. I promise.


  1. Life is more than just running, and there WILL be next year. Thats what makes the montrail ultra cup series so great is that guys like you can (if all things go as planned) can earn a top 3 spot.

    have good rest of the year.


  2. Dave - glad to hear you continue to have that stellar attitude and all is well. We are going to miss you around these parts.

  3. Sorry the chips didn't fall better Dave but you gave it a great shot - you and Hal made the rest of the guys run scared for sure. Nice update and good luck on the move.

  4. Dave, maybe it was the rancid hamburger I fed you at our BBQ last weekend?

    Sorry the race did not go your way. Now I owe Kevin a burrito.... ;).

  5. A bunch of us Coloradans were all watching your progress with texts, tweets, and any updates we could manage. Glad you were out there.

  6. hey dave, sorry to hear the race did not go as planned, but you gave a hearty effort. I have no doubt you will come back next year and redeem yourself. recover well and enjoy school!

  7. cookie dough? Any raw cookie dough before the race? You know that stuff spoils in your carry on right? Case solved!

    Seriously Dave, sorry it didn't work out. I don't know you personally but from what you've accomplished I feel like you put it out there EV-ER-Y TIME! And as you probably know - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Nothing but respect and admiration for giving it a go with the body under the weather.

    I hope you give it another shot and hit it right cause I feel the CR will fall.