Saturday, May 1, 2010


Ava and 2 month old Connor having a ball this weekend

I don't post that often as I have pretty much decided to take this year off from racing. I have been thoroughly engrossed with PA school and my little family for the time being. To everything turn turn turn and all that.. and I plan on racing next year a bit or maybe at the end of the year. I start my clinical rotations this coming January, which will be intense and time consuming, but I may be able to train properly if the planets align. This year off from racing has given me a new perspective on the sport and why I run ultras. I guess I've realized much of why I race has simply to do with being a competitor and trying to be the best runner I can be out there. I'll be the first to acknowledge that the ego is what drives some (if not all?) runners to try to win or set course records. But I also know it is simply the pure joy being outside in beautiful places, giving an all out effort and pushing limits, and having a healthy goal outside of regular life things. The people in the sport are really special too; I miss that scene!

So I can't wait to race again and check some races out.. As it is now though I run about 5-6 days a week on the local American Canyon trails or on Mare Island-Vallejo, where my school (Touro University) is located. Half a dozen of my classmates and I run together at lunch, just long enough to get the muscles recharged between 5 hour blocks of class or to destress after exams and study sessions. The Mare Island 5K ( is in November, so at the very least I need to be in shape to defend my PA student title against the med school (Osteopath.. D.O.) students. (I think they were pissed that an ultrarunner won it last year.. oops, sorry guys!)

Man, sitting here at home watching the checking in on the coverage of the fabled Miwok 100k.. Looks like Tony finished with a blazing time of 8:02:53. This time is easily the fastest rookie time, and if Tony comes back he will run around 7:30 one day; it takes a few tries at that race, or at least it did for me. Tony is way more talented and committed (and far younger!) than I am, so he will redefine that course record (unless of course Roes does it first) I am sure.
Looking forward to connecting with some ultra-folk in the near future. For now though, life is good for Ellen and I with Connor and little Ava...and Tanker the dog.

Ava loves nice single track above American Canyon, and chuck-it too.


  1. Hey Dave, Congratulations on the new addition to the family! I hope the move has treated you well and school is going great.

  2. Hi yan- Hey did you finish your PhD? You better have by now! You posted at 4:13 am so you too must have a kid or been up early avoiding your studies. ;) Hey to Laura..

  3. Surprizing to me that I just found this post, since I've tried to keep up with you and your family. Great to read you and the family are doing well. I thought about the first time I ran with you and Bryan when I ran up Bear late this afternoon.

  4. I find it incredible that as "talented an athlete" you are Dave, you have managed to put that competitive drive aside to study, raise a family and make a life for yourself. God knows it has to be driving you nuts sometimes, not being able to race. Good on you! But there is no doubt in my mind that you will return. A beautiful family that you have for sure. Thanks for sharing the pics.

  5. Hey, Dave, thanks for your comment on my blog. If you'd be up to schlepping yourself down to the southeast bay, I'd be up to precepting you. No worries if you have other places (probably closer)-- plus I'd have to check if it's even allowed where I work.

    Your kids are adorable. Hope you're not getting too out of shape with the decreased mileage--at least you're running. And I guess I'd probably have trouble keeping up with a sub-optimally trained Dave Mackey!