Saturday, January 21, 2012

And the winner is...

2011 Father-Daughter Valentine's Day dance.. lovely selector of winning ballot

Todd Shipman! Todd .. congratulations on your sweat soaked paper entry being randomly chosen by a cute 3 year old girl (upcoming birthday Jan 29) from the bottom of a beat up pair of Bondi B's!
Not sure what shoe you will receive but it will likely be a pair of Mafates or Bondi B's.. sorry I can't get a pair of Evo's but I don't even have any yet and neither does the speedgoat.
To claim your prize.. email me at dave dot j dot mackey at gmail dot com and we can get your vital stats and get them shipped to you.
Thanks for your great entries and comments, even over at I will try to have more contests this year.
Here are a few race memories from 2011, just so I can finally bring closure to the year and get fired up for 2012...

UROC.. start feeling good (UROC photos byJoel Wolpert,

UROC Chased by Scott Gall.. feeling groovy

Remember that cartoon character named "Skeletor"?

Umm.. DNF'ing at UROC

Inside Trail's Rodeo Beach 30K


  1. Skeletor?? More like He-Man!!

  2. Liked your 15 minutes smarter idea in interview.

  3. Congratulations to him and It is quite odd but it increases the randomness of the pick that she pick up the paper.