Friday, May 13, 2011

Miwok 100K race report

I posted Miwok race report over at Bryon Powell's unrivaled ultrarunning and trail site, . Thanks for posting it Bryon. I didnt get to write proper final edit of the report, so the flow isn't that good in my opinion. I also didnt say anything about the women's race, which was just as exciting as the men's. Pam Smith pulled ahead of Meghan Arboghast and Krissy Moehl to take the win.. here is Pam's race report..

What may best sum it all up is Jim Vernon's excellent work...

Geoff Roes writes here about some race this summer. I think along the lines of Geoff in terms of pacing and conserving energy, as well as thinking one race at a time. Next up for me is an unknown point-to-point race snowshoe race in the Sierras. Got a 2004 2nd, a 2009 DNF so far.. .may I hope that third time's a charm.