Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Just a quick note on what I have been up to.
Overall for the most part I have just been locked indoors here on Mare Island in Vallejo studying and taking exams to restart school for the summer. ( I will do s story on Mare Island sometime.. the history here in incredible). It has been somewhat of a self-imposed exhile, with the need to buckle down and focus on studies so I can finish PA school and get out in the working world again and support my family. I feel like a monk in his hermits enclave.. but there are plenty of other med school, pharmacy, and physician assistant students here at Touto University, all of whom are going to classes. I on the other hand on temporarily on a separate track to restart school, so I do my own thing for the most part. Only two more weeks of exams though!
The running has been sporadic and somewhat low volume, but when I do get out I try to make it count and tire myself out enough to be able to sit alot otherwise and get a get a decent night's sleep. When I don't run it is a pretty miserable existence, I get grumpy, my wife isn't happy, no one likes me.. you know how it goes. Same goes for trying to eat well.. eating lots of veggies and quality food, and topping it all off at the end of the day with a few cookies, makes for solid energy throughout the day.
Next Races! American River 50. Super excited for this one.. the one other time I ran it, I didnt have a good race. Should be a different game with my Bondi B's this year. I guess my lack of training won't help my case, but we'll see. Not the first time I've gone in undertrained; many other elites who toe the line are overtrained or don't train and pace smart (me included).
Miwok 100k is on the docket and WS 100. I will ahve to see how school goes in order to race both these. School is way more important to me right now. Ultra Race of Champions in Sept and UTMB/CCC are likely in the fall too.
For now, Mare Island, Touro University in Vallejo is home, but back to Boulder for a brief bit in April.