Saturday, January 21, 2012

And the winner is...

2011 Father-Daughter Valentine's Day dance.. lovely selector of winning ballot

Todd Shipman! Todd .. congratulations on your sweat soaked paper entry being randomly chosen by a cute 3 year old girl (upcoming birthday Jan 29) from the bottom of a beat up pair of Bondi B's!
Not sure what shoe you will receive but it will likely be a pair of Mafates or Bondi B's.. sorry I can't get a pair of Evo's but I don't even have any yet and neither does the speedgoat.
To claim your prize.. email me at dave dot j dot mackey at gmail dot com and we can get your vital stats and get them shipped to you.
Thanks for your great entries and comments, even over at I will try to have more contests this year.
Here are a few race memories from 2011, just so I can finally bring closure to the year and get fired up for 2012...

UROC.. start feeling good (UROC photos byJoel Wolpert,

UROC Chased by Scott Gall.. feeling groovy

Remember that cartoon character named "Skeletor"?

Umm.. DNF'ing at UROC

Inside Trail's Rodeo Beach 30K

Saturday, January 14, 2012

2011.. not bad.. 2012 will be better (free Hokas in the fine print)

Here are a few links to recent news.. the biggest of course was Ultrarunning Magazine Ultrarunner of the Year. I was thrilled to have taken that one, but we all know it more or less was a dice roll between four or five guys to choose it. As a friend reminded me, and to which I agree, if Mike Wardian had chosen not to run the North Face 50 in December (18th place), he would have won UROY. That's how it goes though.. have to pick and choose the races through the season as you can't peak all year. I am aware that I have had few (or none) over-the-top wins which redefine the sport, which some elites can lay claim to on their resumes. I guess I am not that kind of runner, as I roll on the higher plateau and touch the lower 13ers, leaving the 14er's to others. But I guess I may have tagged more summits than most. Hats off to Mike Wardian, Mike Wolfe, Nick Clark, Dakota, Geoff, and all the guys with whom I raced this year.. you guys are each inspirations to my running.

Some press..
If you leave a comment on the my irunfar interview AND here on this blog post (since no one else has just yet), I will put your name in a pot and mail you a free pair of Hoka One Ones! (not sure which Hoka yet but you will be happy)

Ultrarunner Podcast.. About Ultarrunner of the Year, shoes, juggling all the balls of life, etc.

Nice footage of the NEW Stinson EVO Coming this February to a store near you..

Bandera 100K.. I haven't even said a word about Bandera 100K. This past week I was so slammed I will have to write something up.. Hats off to Tim Olsen .. that young eco-whippersnapper who beat me, but didn't beat my course record! (Sorry I am so competitive it bugs even me sometimes). He ran a fine race, and his performance reminds me of my race last year, in which like Tim this year, I'd come fit off a fine North Face 50 race one month prior to roll into Bandera Texas. He was the fittest long-hair of the crew that day and took it. Way to go, Tim! I was happy with 2nd, but the heat took it out of me on the second lap, as I was behind in my fluids and couldn't rebound. I was prepared for the forecast of 65 degrees but these were some 80 degree sunny sections for which I didn't hydrate. Live and learn.. I had a very fun weekend, got to spend time with family raced against some good friends like Tim, Nick C, Yassine, Schlarb, Joe U, Dave James. Spend some quality time with Charles Corfield, Meghan and Craig, Pam Smith... the list goes on.. I had a blast out there. Run Bandera; you will be happy you did.

Upcoming news.. I may have a cool new sponsor coming on board... so stay tuned..
This past year I was SO happy with Clif, and Hoka, and the bottles of Udo's... some things may change a bit, but based on a solid 2011 I ain't reinventing the wheel anytime soon. My relationship with Udo's has been more formalized, I my contract with Hokas is solid long term and I will be eating Clif bars til the day I run my last step on dirty earth. THANK YOU all for helping me run my best!! I know I would not be racing these days without these companies help.

Otherwise I will be working between Boulder area and back here in the Bay Area for the next year in family practice for the most part, with some dabbling in the other areas of medicine. Looking forward to a steep learning curve and squeezing in my sleepless running life outside of it. My race schedule will look something like this all depending on what I can negotiate with my school schedule.

Bandera 100K, Bandera, TX 2nd Place Montrail Cup race
Jed Smith Ultra, Sacramento, CA OR Chucknut 50K
Leona Divide 50, Lancaster, CA Montrail Cup Race OR Lake Sonoma 50, CA (or maybe Miwok.. love that race)
Western States 100, CA June
Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc OR Run the Rockies, Colorado August
Steamboat 100 miler and/or Ultra Race of Champions
North Face 50 San Fran, CA December

Back at you soon with the Hoka shoe lottery results in one week!