Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pearl Izumi-Smith

I am running for team Pearl Izumi-Smith! Now I get to race even more in fast and light Peak XC trail shoes I ran several races in the Peak XCs over the last year, most notably the Miwok 100k and the Moab Red Hot 50k, and set CR's in both. I also ran this past summer's super-snowy Pike's Peak Marathon in the Peak XC's and was 2nd.

Here's the link to the team site:
-Miwok was this past weekend and my pick of Todd Braje didn't pan out, but my second pick of Eric Grossman did. Scott Jaime was third for the guys. Congrats to Anita Ortiz for almost taking the W from Kami Semick. Three of the top 6 from Colorado..
-The local Greenland Trail Races here in Colorado today. For locals here whp know who's know, the 25K race was stacked and must have played out fast. Justin Ricks took the new Course record win, Peter Vail 2nd , then Jason Saitta, and Daryn Parker in 4th. These are all top Colorado talent and these are very fast times at 7000 feet.
Boulderite Bronwyn Morrisey won the women's 50k option. Nice Bronwyn!


  1. Dave,

    You missed a really fun race. Nothing like running at 7,000 feet with the wind blowing in your face. That is how it always works out, run into the wind on the uphill and wind at your back on the downhill. As you already know Derek puts on a great race and he put together a really strong field this year. Too bad you didnt join us. Maybe I will see you at the BB in a few weeks.

  2. Justin-The fact that the race was windy says even more about your effort. That is a stout win.

    Not sure if I will run BB this year as I have been completing more higher mileage and vertial rather than speedwork. But a BB is always a fine painful way to gigashift out of high mileage and into quality. We'll see.

  3. Congratulations again. Sounds like a great match to me.

  4. damn comment window won't process my comment in. Dave - glad to hear of the sponsorship for you!

  5. Nice Dave. My bet was also on Todd, but things happen. He's had similar fate at 100miles, but he'll get it right soon enough.

  6. Welcome to the team Dave. Very glad to have you. Good Luck at Western!

  7. GZ-I think you need to get on the technology bandwagon and come out of the dark ages.

  8. I didn't expect that gear can make a huge difference in a race. One thing for sure, usually people don't know much about that kind of stuff.