Monday, February 14, 2011

Green love on valentines day

Not much to say here.. I just took a lunch break run and decided I'd go for a PR on the Gregory Canyon to Ranger trail. My mileage has been moderate lately, as I have been trying to get into the "quality" training mode versus high miles(which I never do anyway). Since I raced 5 weeks ago at the Bandera 100k, I have been swamped with school and work, so I havent taken any long runs. That works fine for me, as I want to be fully recovered going into the spring. I decided that American River 50 fits nicely into my spring schedule, so that will my the next race. I doubt I will have much time to be properly trained for it, but there is little I can do about that.

Jeff Valliere and I had a discussion recently on regarding which route was quicker getting to the top of Green Mt; Amphitheater/Greenman vs Gregory/Ranger. I think Gregory Ranger is faster, as it is more runnable than Amphitheater/Greenman, and roughly the same distance. Jeff said that Jason Schlarb had recently run about a 33 minute time, which I thought may be a moderate effort on his part, as I remembered running faster than this at some point years ago quite easily (I may be wrong though.. getting old here) Most people who read this probably haven't run either route, but you should when you do come out to run in the Republic.

Today turned out to be not the day to go for PRs, as it had snowed and then went through a freeze/thaw cycle a couple times, which means slicker conditions. I'd put about 8 hex-head screws in my Hoka One One Bondi B , and over a few runs lately I found this to be the perfect number for any icy conditions around here. However, to run uphill times fast you really need dry trails.

My splits were the following.
Start Gregory 0
1st Gregory Canyon Bridge 5:31
Top of Gregory (at signpost where the dirt road comes down from the right, just after the creek); 14:48
It was pretty good footing in Gregory up to this point , but above this I lost alot of time, as each step slipped back an inch or two ~~ %20 loss of efficiency.
Splits above Gregory..
19:54 Junction of Greenman trail going to the left off Ranger trail
34:05 4 way junction
37:55 Top off summit rock

So anyway.. something to write about.. think I will have a crack at sub 33 when it dries out a bit.

Oh and by the way, Jeff Valliere had a cameo in Aron Ralston's recent 3 hour show with Tom Brokaw. I don't have the link to Jeff''s 15 minutes of fame, but it is quite substantial, and they filmed Jeff and Aron running up Gregory Canyon. Good on ya, Jeff!

Okay time to go kiss your sweetie.


  1. Never seen a time where anyone that has attempted both has been faster on the back. The front usually gets you 2-3 minutes easy.

  2. Dave, I think you lost most of your time getting to the first bridge in 5:31, this should take ~2 minutes or so.... ;). Trail conditions are quite variable with all the wind we have had, maybe once things pack down a bit and if you went while it was frozen it would be a good bit faster. Maybe go for a descent record in current conditions?

    For those whose PRs on Green are under 35 minutes, the front side is 2-3 minutes faster and the gap grows as bit I think if you are typically a 40 min plus runner.

    I can't find a link to the Dateline show with Aron and I, but if I do, I'll post on my blog. Thanks for the shout out.


    Here is George Zacks informal FKT list, which I should have referenced. He has some other routes on there like the front side. BTW the front side was rerouted a few years ago, and it was slower then, which to me means that the backside may have been faster back in the day.. maybe not now.
    Jeff, the first bridge I mentioned is actually the second bridge with the hand rails that crosses gregory creek.

  4. Dave, yeah, I was just giving you crap on your bridge count ;).

    If I had to guess, I would say the new re-route on the front side is good for ~15-30 seconds.

  5. Since the back side is about 4 tenths of a mile longer and still the same vertical, I'd be surprised at any one person running the front slower than the back.

    I posted this link up on that FKT site.

  6. Dave - heard your voice over here!

  7. Makes me wonder what times TK has run up Green since he runs it nearly every single day. Seems like it is probably in the 31: range. Ran that a couple of times in November according to his blog. Not sure though.

  8. Fixated on the Trail, check out GZ's blog for FKTs, Tony is included in there.

  9. Jeff, thanks for the link to those times. Appreciate it. -Craig

  10. Hey Dave,

    My 33 min backside split was not "moderate" effort I have to admit, it was hard.

    Granted, it was at night on the ice and snow a day after my son was born (not much sleep).

    Things have been a bit crazy for me the last 3 weeks, but I look forward to getting back up there soon for some hard effort running!

  11. Like your blog Dave, I have it on my reader. Keep up all the hard work you are so awesome. Hope to see you soon!


  12. man, I thought my 46 mins from the trailhead was good!

  13. At least you have been busy and recovery from that race.