Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bondi B article

Had to post this.. happy running, everyone!


  1. I'm warming up to the idea of these shoes. Nearly open enough to try them.

  2. I just "ran" a hundred in these shoes (per your, Meltzer and Tim Long's writings/suggestions) and the DOMS I experienced post race was way more mild than after some 50k's I've run. I'll note that I typically run in the MT101's and was worried about such a drastic transition. The worry was unfounded; the low drop of this shoe made for a great running experience.

  3. Glad it worked out Darren. What are DOMS 1?
    Schlarb, I have a pair you can try out.. we move back to the Bay Area around May 1 so lets connect..

  4. I meant Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (I may have the wrong acronym though!) and the "1" is an "I" (me). I usually have a difficult time with walking down stairs and such after a hard race but by Monday after the race I was feeling pretty darn good.

    Good luck at AR!


  5. Thanks for the link, It is quite good the article specially if you are really into training and get the most of it.

  6. Hey Dave, I've been running in the Bondi's for a while and I have a tough time figuring out when these are too worn out to not wear them as I never wear out the outsole on any shoe, and with so much midsole material it makes it tough to decide. What are your thoughts? What are some signs you look for when deciding if it is time to replace a pair? Excessive tilt?