Sunday, June 26, 2011

WS Brief

Overall, even though what I experienced Saturday was truly inspiring and phenomenal in many ways, I felt had a mediocre race at Western this year. Got 8th in the race, but won the Montrail Cup series. I felt rather blase for most of the day with no real low-points, but nI ever felt like I could accelerate at any given time either. I continue to underestimate the recovery that needs to occur on a deep level from these things called ultras..I guess being 41 will do that to you!

Some highlights though..

(I can't believe I didn't mention my crew when I wrote this post last night; my good college pal Devin, SFSU coach Tom Lyons and son Dean, old Boulder pal Galen Burrell (also paced me in 04), and pacers Mark Richtman (paced me in 09) and Atlas snowshoe race teammate Peter Fain. Thanks fellas! Ellen and Ava came to the finish past bedtime to cheer, a pleasure to see through tired eyes.

The other highlights:

*Seeing a BIG black bear book across the trail and dive down steep hill near Dusty Corners.

*This article about RD Greg Soderlund in the Sacramento Bee newspaper. Greg is such a grounded guy, humble, detailed, and he used to be a PA but would never tell you so.

*Witnessing the sprint finish of Kami Semick vs. Nikki Kimball for 2nd and 3rd on the track. Apparently they had their own run-in on the trail with a different bear than mine (seriously).

*Running 15 miles of the race on top of the Sierra snowpack, picking out yellow flags to follow and wishing the whole race was like that.

*Being passed by AJW at Hwy 49, then retaking him in the last few miles. My crew guy Tom Lyons told me I'd better beat him or I’d have no ride home.

*Volunteering few a few hours for the race. Seeing loads of people I only see once a year and meeting tons of others.

*Not a highlight; taking my daughter to the ER the day before the race, wondering if I would make the start the next day! (Just a hard fall off the bunkbed. She is fine but got a little egg behind her ear; kids’ resiliency amazes me.)

I will try to write something up by next weekend if I can fit it in.


  1. Dave - you have earned a ZackRabbit IPA in my book the next time you are here.

  2. Continue to inspire. "blasé" and still 16:36. Solid and well done Mackey!

  3. Yeah, I need you to rub some "blase" on me!

  4. Stunning run Dave and I love the way the way you felt 'blase'. Blase on a 100 miler is class, pure and simple. Out of interest, which Hoka's did you use or did you use Mafate early on and then switch to Bondi B? Inspiring running

  5. Good run out there Dave. Curious if this gives you any additional confidence for future 100s. Also interested to hear how the Hokas performed. Rest-up!

  6. Good job, Dave. Congrats on top 10 and Montrail win.

  7. Congrats man, top 10 is phenomenal!

    How did the stomach hold up? What plan did you go with for in-race nutrition?

  8. Dave I am sorry that you didn't have cooperative legs for this race. However it shows what a runner you are to run what you felt was a mediocre race and get 8th in such a stacked field race!

    I'm glad your daughter is okay! That kind of stuff scares you as a parent.

  9. Tony, my daughter is a tough little nut.. she didnt need a CT and bounced right back within a few minutes after a small seizure. She'll be fine.
    Schlarb, I kept the fueling simple and had no problems.. I did the simple gel, banana, PB and gel sandwich, water, and clif bloks, with a few other small things. No fats and not alot of protein. I am sure the cool temps helped me too. I may experiment with other suggestions, like cucumber or avocado or bouillion in my training.
    For shoes I wore the Hoka Bondi B.. they were top notch on all surfaces, including the hardpack snow, which surprised me. I wonder how Grae van hooser ran in them; for my I am happy with my decision. I know Karl Hoagland raced in them too.

  10. Glad to hear the belly was happy. I've been eating cucumbers lately thinking and wondering if I should try it, same deal with the chicken bouillon, sounds soothing...
    Having your daughter bonk her head is stressful, glad she is fine now. Congrats on the Cup!!

  11. Wait a minute...your crew is Galen Burrell, local rock star Peter Fain, XTerra God Tom Lyons, and ultra masters stud Mark Richtman? You had to go Top 10 or you would have had your ASS KICKED by them. That's one of the toughest squads I've ever heard of. ;-)

    Congrats on M8, and a solid finish to a stellar UltraCup year!