Sunday, January 23, 2011

UROY follow-up

In hindsight my post regarding UROY wasn’t very substantial, but an off the cuff bit of a post on my part. My comments regarding the process could have been easily clarified in an email format and research instead of blogging. In regards to the process, what I have subsequently learned from Ultrarunner magazine is the below.

Anonymity in UROY/Performance of the Year voters: this was done in response to huge of amounts of lobbying to the known voters as some point in the past. Given this fact, I find it understandable that the voters are anonymous, as ultrarunners are extremely dedicated and loyal to their sport and have strong opinions. It takes tenacity, grit, and passion to run over 26.2 miles, and even more tenacity to run over 100 miles. I suggest there be a format by which the UR public can at least put comments forth that will be read by UROY/PROY voters prior to their votes being cast. Maybe a comment form, not a discussion forum, would help this.

I singled out Max King based on misinformation. I was told a running partner that he only did two ultras in 2010, which was incorrect. I should have done my homework and found that he actually was 1st at the Flagline 50k, 1st at the Hagg Lake 50K, 2nd at Way Too Cool, 3rd at the American River 50. 2nd and 3rd at WTC and AR 50 are surely notable, and possibly the wins at Hagg Lake and Flagline. He deserved the votes he got. (He also rocked the subultra scene, on the US Mountain Running Team and at Mountain Running Worlds. and won the Xterra Trail Running Championship.)

Ultrarunner residency. It turns out that indeed if a runner is from overseas and lives in the US then they are okay for UROY/Performance voting. Kind of a gray area here that should be addressed; could Anna Frost and Miguel Heras been in the voting if they’d lived in North America for a month?

Posting of Bandera 100k results. Turns out UR was just behind in website posting due to the deluge of UROY stuff.

TNF 50 Endurance Challenge. I still think this run unjustifiably doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

Anyway, I had a great time at Outdoor Retailer, got schooled on Karl’s Luge course with a bunch of fun people, and my $#1 hurts.


  1. Dave, Way to go man, by posting a follow up post to your previous post. It takes a big man to admit his mistakes publically. Best of Luck in 2011!

  2. Great runner, better person.... That´s the way it is.
    I agree with you most of it. It´s always good to have people able to discuss about "certain" things, specially a person with such a great "carrer" in running....
    It allows us to grow up as human beings.
    Thanks Dave.



  3. Dave,

    I have to ask... how did Karl build that luge course? That really, really looks fun.

    Also, after chatting with you at TNF 50 you recommended the PBJ for fuel, well, I brought the sandwich with me on my long run Saturday and it worked very well, thanks. Don't know if I'm down with some of the the things you ate at Bandera, but hey, who knows, right?

  4. misinformation from a running partner? what an a$$hole. maybe you should push him off a cliff if you ever find it in your heart to run with him again.

  5. Thanks for the nice words guys..
    Jason..Karl spends hours.. not make that DAYS working on that luge. Probably makes him a better runner too with all that strength training, and working his lungs at altitude. We'll see what with Rocky raccoon in a couple days!
    PBJ.. Yeah logically there are some valid arguments against using protein for fuel. I really dont know why it works for me. It shouldnt but it does.. be careful that you dont eat too much of the PB oil though.. safe to say that wont be digested in the race to any benefit.
    Geoff.. the guy who fed me that beta trying to cause trouble. What comes around...