Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tentative Race Plans 2011, Sponsors

New sponsor.. as many people already know, I am officially running for Hoka One One footwear. Yeah they look funny, they are super light, (8.5 ounces for the Bondi B shoe, which I just got ahold of in my size), fast, and make your recovery easy, whether during a run or if you want to be able to train hard the next day. Has two of the Hardrock Course records by Diana Finkel and Karl Meltzer. (Due to some shipping issues I didnt race in them at Bandera.)

I also am running for Clif Bar, who I used to race for a few years ago and I am happy to be back on board. Best grassroots fuel company around.

I was with Protech sunscreen for five years, but I am so sad that they are discontinuing their line. If you wonder why my skin looks good for an old guy, Geoff, now you know. They are liquidating their products so if you would like to buy a few tubes of their stuff at half price, I can tell you how to order.. just post in the comments section if you are interested and I will post ordering info.

Still looking for an apparel sponsor...

Races 2011..
So I went ahead and accepted the Western States entry from my Bandera 100K win. I reckoned that it was better to have the opportunity if I do decide to finally race it. I have a boatload of schoolwork this spring and summer, so it may even come down to the week before the race if I do indeed decide to show up. If I do show, it sure won't be coming out of any sauna and heat training; I've had poor results from that in the past and it hasnt gotten me over the hump in heat training. Ginger on the other hand is an herb with which I will experiment in my training. I also may check the forecast the week before and if the high is over 90 degrees then I may change my mind. Call it fickle..

I am also confirmed for Miwok 100k as of now. I love that race. It seems that at least couple guys are gunning for my course record 7:51, so I want to defend, or at least work an aid station his year.

I am also switching over from the CCC (the "juniors'" race) to the full-blown UTMB 100. Go big or go home I reckon. I better get my weight down from 165 to 155 by then to even come close to the 120 lb scrappers.

Other races I am considering substituting include.. WTC, Chuckanut, Nueces 50 mile. This will be a very heavy spring of racing to make up for what will likely be a tepid 2011 fall race season. The North Face 50 may happen but I think I will be too busy and tired then anyway. I have to study hard this year so race plans will likely change.

There are also some super cool snowshoe races this winter in Colorado, like the Screaming Snowman at Eldora. If you want some real winter fun, come up and run this 10k.. you won't regret it. Also, the Beaver Creek snowshoe series is awesome too. The great thing about snowshoe racing is that it is hard as heck, especially in the Colorado powder, but when you are done, every workout you do the week after feels like a cake walk.

Snowshoe fanatics feel free to plug your favorite snowshoe race, if you are into that kind of thing.


  1. Hey Dave,
    I came to your blog via a friend of mine who is into ultramarathons. She's running the Rocky Raccoon 100 in a couple of weeks so she posted on her blog (
    about the fast guys that will be competing and I saw a link on Tony's blog to you. Impressive running career!!! My friend Katie was envious that I could say, "I knew Dave when...." I have no intention of ever doing an ultra but had a blast pacing Katie at her first Leadville attempt this past summer. She finished but in 30:28 so didn't "finish" and is gunning to make it this year. Are you still in Boulder? I thought Suzanne mentioned that you moved out west someplace. I'm still down in Littleton and have 3 boys (9,9, and almost 4) that are good fun and keep me busy. Hope you're well. Julie Spencer Berland

  2. Oh, that time at Miwok is solid. I'd be surprised to see it move at all (unless you're in the race, of course).

    Really happy to see you doing the 166 at utmb. That will make WS100 look like a bake sale.

    Maybe Ice Age 50 miler???

    Running 3 laps at Walker Sunday if interested.

  3. Nighthawk snowshoe race every Wed night starting yesterday for 6 weeks at Eldora. They are a blast.

  4. Great schedule lined up Dave!

    Since you mentioned to plug your favourite snowshoe race, I'll take you up on that...

    We have a new series up here in Canada that I'm organizing. The Dion Eastern Ontario Snowshoe Running Series. 3 races (well, 2 remaining) that are all considerably different from each other. Rugged rolling terrain, mixture of farmland & forest, and the third is on a ski hill. All good fun.

    Info at


  5. Jeez man, That's a hefty schedule if you are going to PA school in the summer. I say wear the clown shoes at States, destroy your body, study in the summer and maybe go to UTMB(which in this country stands for "The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston), but whatever. Then you can run with that dude that wears the white hotpants and runs with a weggie for a hundred miles at States last year. But, hey , to each his own, right?

  6. this old lady needs some sunscreen- probably too late- but tell me about Protech...

    wow what a season! Quad Dipsea??? yes....!

  7. Hey Dave, WTC sounds great!:) If so, it would be an honor chasing you around that course. Whatever your plans end up being, hope you have a great year.

  8. I hate to say it but Chuckanut is sold out man, unless there's a loop hole I dont know about but good luck with everything else.

  9. Protech Sunscreen- I see so many people tanning their faces here in CO.. not a good thing! I run shirtless once in awhile but always cover my face.
    Protech.. contact Melody at
    (I'd post more contact/address info but don't want to do that on a public low-brow blog like mine.)
    Tubes that went for $33 now go for $16.
    You won't regret buying their stuff. The tubes last a long time too.
    Geez..I really should have been doing testimonials like this before Protech became unavailable. I suggest finding another

    Snowshoe races- sorry I live in the Bubble of Boulder. I LOVE the Eldora Nighthawk series. if you live here go on up the hill to Nederland for this. I have never snowshoe raced in the East but there are a tons of races out there..

    Chuckanut.. I was supposed to have been entered. I will get in touch with Krissy about it. Supposed to be an epic race this year.

    Ice Age 50.. I will have to look into that.

    Wedgies.. I don't look that close at the Salomon guys but thanks for noticing, Grae!

    Hey Julie.. great to hear from you. I will drop you a line.

  10. Grae V H - >that dude that wears the white hotpants and runs with a weggie for a hundred miles at States

    lol. I can't believe I actually know who you're talking about. He's definitely one to watch out for.

    Also, if anyone has racing snowshoe they love, I'd also like to hear it. I'd like to get a pair some day.

    Dave, BTW I enjoyed the BTR video a few weeks ago. Great you can run "low" mileage and still do so well, to say the least. Fun viewing.

  11. mtnrunner2...
    Dions Snowshoes! Lightweight, narrow, durable, plus interchangeable components for different conditions.

  12. @ mtnrunner2. I run in the Northern Lites Elite Racer. At 33 oz. a pair, they are supposed to be the lightest race legal shoes around. Plus, I think there are the least expensive.

  13. The recent variety and array of footwear is blowing my mind.
    It really seems like yesterday everyone was all about motion control and stability mechanisms in shoes, then the whole movement to "natural running" with Newton, five fingers and flat shoes (NB, Saucony, Go-Lite, etc...) and now to see these Hoka shoes with massively tall foam... crazy. It is interesting to see that the Hoka does have a near zero rise and promotes the forward lean/natural running style.
    Thanks for inspiring me to really check the Hokas out!

    I hope you join Dakota, Mike Owens, myself and company for Nueces... you certainly had great results in The Lone Star State earier this month.

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